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Lindo Lake 

Approximate Birding Time: 35 min. to an hour

Facilities:  There are restrooms in the community building, at the dike, and near the playground.

Directions: The least complicated way is to take I-8 east to El Cajon, and take highway 67 north.  Take the Winter Garden exit, and turn right at the end of the off-ramp.  Turn left at the light, which is Woodside, and follow this road straight to where it runs into the park at Lindo Lane.  Veer right, follow this road, and turn left into the park at your first opportunity.  Many people park in the big parking area there on the left, but you can also drive into the park a ways and find several small parking slots, or even park on the dike if it's really full.

A stroll around the entire lake could easily take an hour or so; the west section of the lake is generally where the barnyard waterfowl hang out (along with a resident flock of Canada Geese), but so do the Wood Ducks that have successfully bred here!  Recently there's been a White-fronted Goose wannabe hanging around with the flock, so don't be fooled!  The pepper trees and eucs in this area can be good for migrants (Yellow Warblers apparently nest in the pepper trees), and check the blackbird flocks on the lawn for Tricoloreds.  The little spit across the way is not as productive as it used to be, but it's still worth checking for White Pelicans, Double-crested Cormorants, shorebirds, and gulls of various types, depending on the season.  Ducks (particularly Ruddy) like the middle of the lake in winter, along with Pied-billed Grebes and the ubiquitous American Coots.  Be sure to check the big eucs for nesting herons in spring and summer!  The Red-crowned Parrot flock can show up anywhere, but they're not very reliable here.  Eurasian Collared Doves have arrived in the area, so check your doves carefully! 


Chow time at the park

West side picnic area

Great Blue Heron nest

The most productive part is the east half.  Look for Black-crowned Night and Great Blue Herons, and Snowy and Great Egrets fishing around the reeds, as well as the occasional White-faced Ibis.  This used to be a reliable place for nesting Tricolored Blackbirds, but unfortunately their numbers have decreased since the Great-tailed Grackles moved in; Red-winged Blackbirds apparently haven't been affected by this invasion, as they can be very common.  On rare occasion you might even hear a Least Bittern calling from the rushes, or spot a Common Moorhen or Green Heron poking shyly among the reeds.  Listen for Marsh Wrens among the more common Yellowthroats.  The willows and deciduous trees in the east end can have any number of songbirds, especially Lesser and American Goldfinches, Western (summer) and Cassin's Kingbirds, and Yellow Warblers (summer).  This can be a good migrant trap, and in winter any number of things could show up; a male Vermilion Flycatcher has been hanging out here some winters, and in 2005 a Gray Flycatcher showed up, but more expected are things like Black and Say's Phoebes, Cedar Waxwings, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Yellow-rumped Warblers (look for the occasional Myrtle), and Nuttall's Woodpeckers; oak-loving birds such as Red-breasted Sapsucker (both Red-naped and Yellow-bellied have also shown up here, so check all sapsuckers carefully), House Wren, White-breasted Nuthatch and Western Bluebirds sometimes show up in the deciduous trees as well.  There may even be some shorebirds in the shallows, such as Least and Spotted Sandpipers.  Raptors include Cooper's and Red-shouldered Hawks.

Path along the east side of the lake

Shallow east end, often good for the shier ducks

Grove at the east end, often a rarity trap

The dike

Personal Checklist  ●=small numbers  █ = large numbers (10+) 

Please keep in mind that these lists are NOT comprehensive, and that some months may have had poor overall coverage.  Species in red denote vagrants or irruptive species and should not be expected. 

  J F M A M J J A S O N D
Eared Grebe                      
Pied-billed Grebe            
American White Pelican                
Double-crested Cormorant            
Least Bittern                    
Great Blue Heron  
Great Egret    
Snowy Egret      
Green Heron                    
Black-crowned Night Heron            
White-faced Ibis                      
Canada Goose                
Cinnamon Teal                    
Green-winged Teal                  
Northern Shoveler            
Wood Duck            
Ruddy Duck        
Turkey Vulture                      
Cooper's Hawk                      
Red-shouldered Hawk            
Red-tailed Hawk                      
Common Moorhen          
American Coot        
Black-necked Stilt                      
Spotted Sandpiper            
Least Sandpiper                      
Long-billed Dowitcher                      
Western Gull                      
California Gull                
Ring-billed Gull            
Caspian Tern                    
Forster's Tern                      
Mourning Dove  
Eurasian Collared Dove                      
Rock Pigeon          
Red-crowned Parrot                      
Anna's Hummingbird              
Rufous Hummingbird                      
Belted Kingfisher                    
Red-breasted Sapsucker                      
Red-naped Sapsucker                      
Nuttall's Woodpecker  
Black Phoebe    
Say's Phoebe                      
Vermilion Flycatcher                  
Gray Flycatcher                      
Cassin's Kingbird        
Western Kingbird                      
American Crow
Common Raven                  
Western Scrub Jay              
Northern Rough-winged Swallow              
Violet-green Swallow                      
Tree Swallow                      
Cliff Swallow                  
Barn Swallow                      
White-breasted Nuthatch                      
House Wren                      
Marsh Wren                      
Ruby-crowned Kinglet              
Western Bluebird                  
Northern Mockingbird          
European Starling    
Cedar Waxwing                    
Nashville Warbler                      
Yellow Warbler            
Yellow-rumped Warbler          
"Myrtle" Warbler                    
Black-throated Gray Warbler                      
Common Yellowthroat        
Wilson's Warbler                      
California Towhee                      
Song Sparrow
Brown-headed Cowbird                    
Tricolored Blackbird                
Red-winged Blackbird  
Brewer's Blackbird              
Great-tailed Grackle  
Lesser Goldfinch            
American Goldfinch                  
House Finch
House Sparrow  

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