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Birding Hidalgo County

While by no means comprehensive, these pages represent a compilation of my personal records for some of my favorite birding sites around Hidalgo County.  The "site" page is divided into two sections: "Easy Birder Routes" that can be done from your car, and other sites that are best birded on foot.  Each site page has a checklist of birds I've encountered at the location (including seasonal abundance), and each bird in the list has its own page (which can be accessed by clicking on the species), which in turn lists all the areas I've encountered the bird, when, and the relative abundance.  You can also go directly to the Species Page (below) and click on whatever bird interests you.  I cannot emphasize enough that these lists are NOT comprehensive, and only reflect my own (often inadequate) records!  Click here for an excellent comprehensive bar-graphed checklist of birds of the Valley and the south Texas brushlands compiled by John Arvin.

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Here are some other links relating to birding the LRGV:

The Alamo Inn B&B offers birding tours and private guiding, along with a fully-stocked store with books, optics, and other birding gear (and, of course, fully furnished accommodations).

The World Birding Centers offer first-rate visitor centers and outstanding birding areas (see also selected sites in the By Site section, as well as the Dauphins' site below).

David and Jan Dauphin's site has an excellent selection of photos and helpful information regarding all wildlife around the Valley, in particular a series of detailed photo essays covering the World Birding Centers.

Click here for information on checklists for various south Texas birding areas and counties.

The Great Texas Wildlife Trail maps are invaluable for exploring both well and little-known Valley birding spots!

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